Oct 312012

I know most of you have already carved your pumpkins but just in case you wait until the last minute like we do,  here is a great tip I came across this year.  Again I was on pintrest and happened to find a link about using metal cookie cutters to carve your pumpkins.

Step one is to pick out your pumpkin.  I did this when we went to the pumpkin patch.  I had my white pumpkin’s to melt crayons on (see last weeks DIY Weekly Blog Post), and then I choose my perfect pumpkin for carving.  My husband and daughter also picked out pumpkins.  We ended up with five pumpkins to carve, two we melted crayons on and one with bumps my daughter had to have because it was so cute.  (This from my six year old).

After you have your pumpkin, set up your work area.  This could be outside, at the table, on the floor, were ever you like to work.  Don’t forget to lay down plastic or newspaper to help make clean up easier.  We used a small tarp from our camping stuff.  We have different carving tools we have inherited over the years.  I like to buy stuff at the end of the season to get the best deals.  We cut the top of the pumpkin with a kitchen knife and start to hallow out the pumpkin.  We save the seeds, I’ll go over this later in the blog.  You can use a scoop that your purchase special for pumpkin carving or you can use a spoon.  Make sure it’s not a good spoon just in case you bend it.

We found when we tried to use our metal cookie cutter it worked much easier if the pumpkin wall was not too thick.  If it’s more than 1/2″ it will be more difficult to use the cookie cutter.  On my pumpkin it was approx 1″ thick.  I took a small light weight hammer and pounded my first metal cookie cutter into the pumpkin.  I thought I would be able to pound it through the pumpkin and be done.  However I found I had to pound it in to get the outline, pull out the cookie cutter and then use a carving tool to go around the shape.  This step I had to do more clean up around each shape so I lost some of the detail of the shape.

The second pumpkin we used the cookie cutter on, the pumpkin wall  was closer to 1/2″ thick and we could pound the cookie cutter all the way through the wall of the pumpkin.  The shape was clean and we didn’t have to anything further to it.


Pumpkin Seeds

We like to eat pumpkin seeds so here is our recipe.  First step clean the pumpkin goop off the seeds.  I pick as much stuff off right away then I wash the seeds in a strainer to get the rest off.  Step two lay seeds out on a towel and place another towel on top of the seeds, press down to get some of the water out of the seeds.  Preheat oven to 350 and lay the seeds on a cookie sheet single layer.  I took a towel to them again to get more of the excess water out of the seeds.  Sprinkle the seeds with season salt and garlic powder.  You can put as much or as little on depending what you like.  Place in oven for 15 to 30 minutes.  The time varies depending how much moisture is in the seeds and how crunchy you like your seeds.  Watch the seeds to make sure they do not burn.  Final step is to enjoy your pumpkin seeds.

Happy Halloween to everyone!

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