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Do you have a room in your house that needs some major updating?  My husband and I purchased a home a year and a half ago that is 99 years old this year.  It’s in a great part of town with lots of character and the house is wonderful, except for the kitchen.   You ask what was wrong with the kitchen?  First it had wall paper on the walls from the 70′s.  Don’t get me wrong the 70′s were great but I don’t need to relive them in my kitchen.  I tried to remove the wall paper, however the previous owners put wall paper on top of wood paneling.  When I tried to prustoleumeal the wallpaper I had zero luck.  I talked over ideas with my husband and a contractor friend about removing the wood paneling however we were not sure what hidden treasures layed behind the 70′s.  So my option to keep my project within my budget was to paint over the wallpaper.


This lead me to an internet search on how to paint over wallpaper.  I will tell you upfront every website I found regarding the subject said they did not recommend painting over wall paper unless you had to.  I deemed that this was an I have to, it is 2013 and the 70′s are over!

I followed the following directions from the website.

Step 1 apply a coat of primer to the wallpaper.  This seals the wallpaper and will prevent the ink from the paper from bleeding into the paint.  Use an alkyd oil primer, you can get this at any hardware store.

Step 2 tape each wallpaper seam with drywall tape and apply drywall compound over the tape.  Spread out the drywall compound about 20 to 24 inches to give it a sdrywall compoundmooth look.  Drywall tape looks like a mesh that is sticky on one side.  You place this over the seam and then take the drywall compound with a putty knife and start spreading the compound as smoothly as you can.  You may need to sand and reapply to get the seam to cover.  Don’t forget to spread the compound 20 to 24 inches this too will help cover the seam more evenly.putty 2

Step 3 apply a second coat of alkyd oil primer to the wall after the drywall compound has dried.

Step 4 paint the walls the color of your choice.  Choose a flat or satin sheen wall color to help avoid drawing attention to the wall paper seems.  I choose to paint my kitchen a medium brown tone.  We added white trim around the base of the wall which made the whole room pop.  My kitchen now looks wonderful.  We no longer enter into the 70′s when we enter the kitchen.  The room now looks as if it is part of the house and only cost $165 to update.

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